Regional Affairs



Maggie Sabovich

Bob Riopel

  1. PICYA clubs are divided into five regional areas in order to facilitate communication and allow clubs with similar situations to work together for their common interest.
  2. Each area has several members that are appointed according to the area where they reside.
  3. This group serves PICYA and RBOC through meetings, development of phone trees, e-mail blasts and provides communication between all the regions.


  • Promote goodwill, cooperation and more efficient club management through better communication and exchange of information among the member clubs.
  • To increase effectiveness of members clubs in addressing regional political/practical boating related issues in a collective effort to preserve the safe and fun recreational use of our waterways.
  • To stimulate increased participation among members clubs in mutual PICYA boating activities.


  1. Appoint a club member as a liaison between your local Regional Affairs committee member and your club.
  2. Activate a member phone tree and e-mail blast to get immediate responses when important issues arise.
  3. Publish information through your newsletter to advise your members of local issues and requested action. (i.e. Call to Arms)
  4. Provide updated information to the member club's database.
  5. Actively participate in or sponsor inter-club activities.
  6. Send your liaison member to one or two Regional Affairs committee meetings when they are called in your region this year. 

Regional Committee Members