Choosing a Delegate

Choosing a Delegate


With the beginning of a new year, our member clubs are choosing many new officers and directors to lead them through the coming year. At the same time, many new people will be appointed to represent the clubs to the various boating associations to which they belong, among them delegates to PICYA.

Several years ago PICYA Board members were debating the question, "What should be the qualifications of a good PICYA delegate?" And that issue led to the question, "What are the responsibilities of a PICYA delegate?" The answers may seem obvious to those already involved in our association, but it may be helpful to provide some guidelines to new commodores who may not be so familiar with the things we do.

We decided that the "responsibilities" of a delegate were the following:

 1.     Understand the purpose of PICYA and participate in the major activities that support our purpose. The purpose of PICYA is

           a.       "to constitute an association of yacht clubs and boating organizations, to promote inter-club communications, yachting activities, and social interaction relating thereto, and to organize and conduct programs which enhance the welfare of the member organizations."

           b.       Delegate activities that support our purpose include:

i)        The Spring and Fall Conferences

ii)      Opening Day Celebration

iii)    The Inter-club Perpetual Regattas

iv)    Public Service Events

v)      Safety programs

vi)    Support for Recreational Boaters of California

 2.     Establish and maintain communications between the leaders of Member Clubs and the leaders of PICYA. This is accomplished through participation in the above referenced activities, and also by attending the monthly delegates meetings (10 per year). It is noteworthy that about 65 clubs, or more, are represented by their PICYA delegates at these meetings.

 3.     Participate as a member of one or more of PICYA's working committees that plan the activities and carry out the business of the Association.

What are some desirable qualifications for a PICYA delegate? We came up with the following:

 1.     A prospective delegate should have had significant experience as a volunteer at his/her club

 2.     A prospective delegate should have had significant experience as a club leader (preferably, as an officer or director)

 3.     A prospective delegate should have a broad interest in the yacht club community, and a willingness to commit his or her time to promote the interests of boating

We hope the above data provides some useful guidance to those clubs choosing PICYA delegates, as well as some useful perspective about our Association.