Mission Statement

 Mission Statement


"The purpose of this corporation is to constitute an association of yacht clubs and boating organizations, to promote inter-club communications, yachting activities and the social interaction relating thereto, and to organize and conduct programs which enhance the general welfare of the member organizations"


The Pacific Inter-Club Yacht Association (PICYA) was formed in San Francisco on May 12, 1896, to improve communication between yacht clubs, provide uniform racing rules, and encourage yachting. The US Yacht Racing Association and YRA of San Francisco were created in 1928 to take over most major sail races. From the 5 charter clubs, today there are 100 member clubs in Northern California with a combined membership of approximately 15,600 boating families.

Most clubs participate in a variety of inter-club activities designed to strengthen member yacht clubs. Many clubs have nearly perfect attendance at the monthly General Delegates Meetings, which are the primary source of information flow. There is a Flag Officers' Conference each spring to familiarize new club leaders with the heads of various boating related organizations. There is a corresponding Management Seminar each fall to improve club management skills. Safety conferences are also held to address topical issues of concern. Clubs compete annually for 26 prestigious perpetual trophies including keel boat, youth, predicted log, over-the-bottom, leadership, newsletter, and participation competitions. Public service projects and ideas are shared between clubs. Officers are installed each January at the Commodore's Ball.

The Yachting Yearbook is published annually as an informative directory of member clubs, boat owner listings, and association activities. The PICYA Log is the bimonthly newsletter with more timely reporting of association committees and open club activities.

The Association created Recreational Boaters of California (RBOC) in 1968 as a governmental advocacy organization representing California boaters. It is committed to promoting the enjoyment, protection, and responsible use of our waterways.

Opening Day on the Bay is the largest annual PICYA event. PICYA has coordinated this event since 1917.

PICYA is the only organization in Northern California that supports the promotion of recreational boating through the coordination and dissemination of information for the benefit of boaters.