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San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge Demolition


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Greetings All: 

As of today, 6/15/2015, Caltrans has cleared and swept the main channel span of both bridges between piers "G" & "H". This is the main (large) channel span closest to the east side of YBI. 

The USCG Captain of the Port has approved all vessels to pass through the Safety Zone in the main channel span of the SSOBB and that Safety Zone is being terminated. 

VTS San Francisco is advising waterway traffic to transit the main channel span "G-H". 

The green center span lights previously in the "I-J" span have been discontinued. 
The green center span lights in the main channel span "G-H" have been activated. 
All waterway traffic is advised to avoid navigating under the old bridge from piers "H" to the Oakland shoreline due to overhead demolition of the bridge. 
A COTP Safety Zone will be established shortly prohibiting vessel operation under the demolition area. 

There will be a Broadcast Notice to Mariners and the information will be included in the weekly Local Notice to Mariners as the project progresses. 
Please share as necessary. 
Thank you, 

Commander, Eleventh Coast Guard District (dpw) 
Attn: David H. Sulouff, Bridge Administrator 
Bldg 50-2, Coast Guard Island 
Alameda, CA 94501

(510) 437-3516 (tel:%28510%29%20437-3516) Office 
(510) 219-4366 (
tel:%28510%29%20219-4366) Cel 
(510) 437-5836 (
tel:%28510%29%20437-5836) Fax

Lynda Myers Secretarial Consultant PICYA