PICYA Membership Guidelines

PICYA Membership Requirements




Open to non-profit yacht clubs or recreational boating organizations located in Northern California which:

  • Committed to promotion of recreational boating
  • Active existence for a minimum of two years
  • Regular dues paying membership whose members own at least 20 watercraft
  • Interests compatible with Member Clubs

 Regular Membership for those meeting above requirements and accepted.
Associate Membership for those not meeting all requirements but are accepted.

 Application Process:


Letter of application from the club commodore to the PICYA Secretary stating:

  • Headquarters
  • Permanent mailing address
  • List of officers
  • Roster of all members including date of acceptance for membership
  • Copy of By Laws
  • Copy of Articles of Incorporation
  • Fleet description number, power, sail, watercraft, etc.
  • Outline of ability to contribute to interests of yachting (safety, education, junior boaters, public service)
  • Payment of first year’s dues ($3 per member, min of $125, max of $1,400)

  Approval Process:

  • Membership committee evaluates application, makes recommendation to Board of Directors
  • Board of Directors evaluates application, makes recommendation to Assembly of Delegates
  • Assembly of Delegates may approve the application (2/3rds vote of those present required)


Excerpts of By Laws & Standing Rules March 28, 2007